Thursday, August 30, 2012

Backpack Station!

***Disclaimer: The picture quality is not so great-due to the fact that there is ZERO natural light in this hall way, 
so bear with me on 'em***

Delaney being in school gave me the ultimate excuse to organize. I needed a place for their backpack, a place for her papers, etc. I was so excited. There was a problem though....we are on a budget. If ,only was no object, I would be at The Container Store at least once a week and this house would be crazy, OCD, organized. But, not the case, so I had to work with what I had. Our mud room in Tanque Verde Manor (btw I'm thinking of changing the name to Mikkelson Manor) will be awesome. Just you wait.

Back to our little house....we literally have no spare room, so I decided that our one and only hallway would have to be the launch pad. I already had the oval shaped wood things and the hooks. Her coat/ sweatshirt goes on the bottom hook and her backpack on the top. She knows to  take out her lunchbox everyday and put it on the counter, then hang her backpack up again. Above the hooks, there are bulletin boards. Basically, I put calendars, reminders, invites, etc that are specific for the kid. In Delaney's case, we have her important line leader and guessing bag calendar up there so she can countdown to her turn. Very big deal.

I am in the hallway, right in front to the kid's door- that closet on the right is my laundry "room". told ya it was small:) We just moved that bookcase into the hallway because we moved it OUT of the living room. I kinda like it there though, so it may stay.

I had the picture frames and the cork, so I just made the little bulletin boards (down the road, I will probably be buying some real ones, but these work for now. 

Brody's little area.

In between the hooks, I put the sorting tray. This is where they put their works of art from school or church. And then once a week or so, I file them in their crates:) 

Nothing fancy, but at least it is somewhat organized!

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  1. This is VERY cute, my friend! Yours is WAY more functional than mine! Good job!


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