Monday, August 27, 2012

Fly Away!

We've all been there....yummy food, cold drinks, great conversation and then bam....ya eat a fly. It's okay, admit it, you've eaten a fly. Well, I am here to change your life folks! The flies in Tucson right now are down right out of control. And I don't know where you live, but I feel like the flies in Tucson are on some performance enhancing drugs- they are beefy. Anyway, we enjoy hanging out at my parent's house and eating out on the patio, but not when it looks like a swarm of beefy, man -killing flies could swoop down and take your burger. My parents have a solution. What's so funny, is Eric and I were in a restaurant just a couple days before and saw this same thing inside their patio, but I guess my parent's beat me to the punch.

So here ya go....get a plastic baggie, fill it with water, put some pennies in it (I think about 5) and hang it in a couple places. This seriously works, at least here in Tucson. Maybe our flies are super scared of water since they don't see much of it here in the desert. No more Arnold Schwarzenegger flies 'buggin' us- yes, I did laugh out loud as I typed that.

My dad actually put a dime in the bag because he didn't want to seem cheap.... 
which I thought was hilarious. 

It may not be the most attractive way to decorate, but it's worth it. I mean, I would rather get my protein from meat, then flies. Just sayin'. Happy eating!

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