Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Meet Your Teacher!

Preschool. How in the world is she old enough for preschool? I try to wrap my mind around how fast time goes and am baffled. I sat in bed the night before Meet Your Teacher morning and looked at a picture of me, holding a two week old Delaney, with my friends, Ami, Mary, and Anabelle. It seems like a couple months ago- not almost 5 years ago. As much as I didn't want her to go, I knew she needed to. I knew that it would be good for Brody as well. They are together 24/7- they are on top of each other all the time! Literally, Delaney's bed is above Brody's. They have been fighting a lot and I having a small break from each other was going to be worthwhile. What I did not expect was how upset Brody was going to get. Yesterday morning, the teachers invited us to bring the kids in to see their classroom and meet their teachers- we were to stay the whole time with our child (we could stay the whole time or ten minutes-didn't matter). Delaney was up and dressed by 7:00. She picked put the dress she wanted to wear and despite it being slightly scandalous with some cleavage showing, she wore it. My mom met us at Marshall Elementary (I went to the same school for preschool!) to pick up Brody while Delaney and I hung out in her class. 

Delaney got out of the car and immediately Brody wanted to hug her and he told her that he didn't want her to go to school. It was heartbreaking. We assured him that he would see her again and persuaded him to get in Nana's car. When they left, it was time to go in!

Such a sad face. What's in the bag?? A bowling set. Don't ask.
My preschooler!
Can't get over how big she is!

 Immediately we were greeted by Mrs. Mortenson. She welcomed Delaney in and told her to play with whatever she wanted. Of course, she chose a small Little People house and asked Mrs. Mortenson to play with her! They were so cute! She was having a ball!

Mrs. Mortenson and Delaney

She finished playing with the Little People House and while I chatted with her other teacher, Mrs. Alva, Delaney spied a huge dollhouse and camped out there most of the time. 

Posing- no idea where she gets that.

Right before it was time to leave, she found the craft center- with scissors! We don't use the kid scissors too often around here- Edward Scissorhands  Brody can't so much be trusted just yet. Delaney was in heaven. While she was cutting, with her tongue concentration, I took some pictures of my little girl's cubby. She has a cubby! I swear- it was like I had never been in a classroom before (and I use to teach-Kindergarten!). 

SO our time to hang out together in preschool came to an end. She gave her teachers hugs and we walked out. Her first classroom. That was a moment. I made her take a picture in front of the school sign and in the middle of it she said, "Okay, that's enough, let's go get my brother". 
Man, talk about an emotional roller coaster. I don't think I can take all this! :)

Tomorrow's post? Her first day. 

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  1. Oh dear. I just relived my own angst about my kids being old enough to be in preschool AGAIN! And it was just a week ago! Delaney is going to ROCK preschool. Her teachers will adore her vocabulary and her personality. And I agree with you. I can literally remember sitting in Delaney's jungle nursery taking that photo you referred to. It DOES feel like yesterday. Crazy. Anyhoo, cannot WAIT to hear about the first day!

  2. Ahh you poor thing. Well.. Lucky really. Handsome had to take the Bunny to her test day because I was on a course for work. Did NOT enjoy missing that, but I've been with her every day for drop off and pick up since then, and I love it. She thrives on school!!!


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