Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Preschool: Here She Comes!

Yesterday was Delaney's first day of school- ever. She has been ready for a long time and I have kept her home because I feel like there is such a short time that they get to be home before they go to school and since I stay home, I wanted her there with me. 

At 6:40 am she was in my bed, grinning from ear to ear and asking if this was the day that she would stay and I would go. I smiled back, as much as I could, and said, "Yes, today is the day- you stay, I go". I had a hard time with that one, not gonna lie. We got out of bed, Brody was still snoozing so we had a nice quiet few minutes to start the day. I got their cups ready and poured my coffee in peace. Just as I turned on the shower, Brody wandered out of his room and sat on the couch to watch Curious George. I took a shower and got ready. The kids both had breakfast and Delaney was begging to get dressed, so while she did that, I wrestled clothes on Brody. I did her hair and she picked out a bow to wear and put her socks and shoes on without help and without being told. It's like she's in college. 

When it was time to actually leave, she got her lunch box, put it in her back pack and waltzed right out to the car where she was forced to endure the inevitable first day picture. My plan was to have "Preschool"spelled out in chalk on the wall and she would stand next to it, but alas, that did not happen. Luckily, I printed this sign, just in case. The pictures were quick- mostly because the sun was bright and she "just can't take it" and because Brody kept photo bombing each picture as he rode by on his bike. 

She's so cute!

I really don't know why she was leaning on the car.
She's a little excited.

We got in the car and I quickly rambled off every piece of advice I could think of. Make sure to use your manners, don't push, if someone is sad-try to cheer them up, make sure to wipe good, wash your hands, don't say shit or son of a bitch, wait your turn, don't kiss any one, don't talk to strangers, yes you can talk to kid strangers in your class, but not other strangers, raise your hand, push in your chair, if you fart say excuse me, don't eat your boogers, introduce yourself to people, shake hands, drink water, do your best, don't say I can't, I will be waiting for you when you get done, etc. It's only an 8 minute ride, but it was seriously as if I had never taught her anything. 

We made it to the parking lot and I had a moment. Maybe she doesn't really need to go. Right?? I didn't turn off the car right away- which annoyed her to no end. When I finally did, she was itching to get out. I grabbed Brody's hand and watched Delaney walk right through the gate, all on her own. I signed her in, walked in while she unpacked her bag, hung it up like a pro and sat down criss cross applesauce, hands in her lap. That was it. She did wave and I might have yelled, "I love you munchie so much" as loud as I could before I picked Brody up and carried him out. 

This one gets me.
Waiting to go in

God must have been watching because I didn't have a chance to be too sad- Brody was sad enough for the both of us. He pulled his hat down over his eyes so I couldn't see him crying. Then we got in the car and he kept turning around to look at Delaney's empty seat and kept asking,"Where Gawaney?" It was heartbreaking. We went home and played trains for awhile and then went to Target. The time went by so slowly. When I told Brody it was time to pick Delaney up, he was so excited! We went to school, signed her out and waited outside her classroom until the door opened and out walked a little line of preschoolers. My heart melted. She's so big. She had a great day. She sang us her welcome song and was completely dumbfounded that there were 2 Jacobs in the class. 

I am happy to report that this morning, she was just as eager to go and Brody was a little less sad. There were still tears, but no dragging him away- he walked like a big boy. Lord help me the day that he starts. I am gonna need a drink that day!

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