Thursday, August 2, 2012

Tell Me I'm Not the Only One

I had a moment yesterday that literally made me laugh out loud. And smile from ear to ear. It. got me thinking, I can't be the only one that does this. What is this "thing" you ask? Well, I don't know what you call it, but I call it June Clever time!

Still confused? Let me explain further. But before I do, did you know......
Damn skippy.

 The house is a mess, the kids are dirty and most likely just in chonies, I am in sexy sweatpants, the blinds might still be closed, a load of laundry sits on the bed, and another one in the dryer and yet another one in the washer....then the phone rings. "Hi Babe, I'm on my way home." Oh crap- those 7 words throw me into action faster than you can sexy sweatpants. In my mind, I am turning a a fast, tornado like circle and when I stop- I have June Clever powers. Like actual amazing homemaker powers. It's powerful. I'm powerful. I have a small routine. I turn on the vacuum (Roomba to the rescue)! I run to the kitchen, make sure the dishes are done (they usually are- I really hate dirty dishes in the sink), then I fill up the water pitcher, put some water on the stove for green tea, clean out the coffee pot, and wipe down the counters. I then move to the living room, I straighten all the pillows, fold the blankets, put toys away, turn on my candle. etc. Then I rush to our room, put away the load that 's on our bed, re-start the dryer and then re-wash the clothes in the washer- usually on the express setting. By this time, the water is boiling so I throw some tea bags in and then make coffee (yes we drink it in the afternoon. Eric gets up at 3:30am for work every day. The man is tired).

 I run around around the house picking up and then I change my clothes, brush my hair, fix my make-up, try to remember if I brushed my teeth, flush the potty and clean it off (thank you Brody) and then it's time for the kids. I try to make them look a little less homeless and by that time Eric is almost home and I sit down, all the while pretending that this house and I looked like this all day. I know he knows, or he will after this, but that's okay. It's my job. He deserves a nice home to come home to. 

I just think it's funny how much I get done in an hour (that's his commute). I often chuckle to myself and think, if only I did this earlier, but no- the house can't stay clean right now- it is for real impossible. Just sayin'. So that 30 minutes or so of clean bliss, is enough to make me happy. 

And now if you'll excuse me....June Clever is on her way out:)

Oh and one more thing.....


  1. I used to do the 'clean sweep' right before I went to get Dad at the airport - remember? He would get home and magically, the house would be presentable - except for those rare times when he would come back to town early ;)

    1. Yes, I remember... I never understood why you did I know:) Thanks for leading the way!

  2. You are a good wife. I sometimes do the same thing, but only so that when he's home with the kids and the house is a mess he appreciates me more :)

  3. Can I just say I love you! I TOTALLY do that! But I usually only get about 15 min. or so before he walks in and it's seriously a mad dash to get things at least semi presentable. You would think I would learn to just get it done early, but nope still haven't learned my lesson! You are awesome =)

    1. I would never be able to do it in 15 minutes! And no, we can't do it earlier- it would just get messed up again:)I'm so happy I'm not the only one!


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