Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Year 2

Last year, on my birthday, we began a tradition that I hope to continue for a long, long time. I decided to take a picture of the kids, in the same spot, in the same pose, on the same day every year.

Here is last year's picture:

Delaney was 3 and Brody was 2! It seriously seems like last week, not last year!

This past Friday night we headed to my folks house (I never call my parents that, just trying it out:) for dinner and I knew I needed a picture. Brody was less than cooperative, but with some solo pictures of Delaney and some super praise, he came around....for like a second. So here are a couple from Friday:


So here is the best one....Delaney 4 1/2 and Brody 3.
August 17,2011
August 17, 2012
There they are...my little babies.


Btw...I got an iPad for my birthday (can I get oh yeah!) and I am trying to figure out how to blog on it, so please bear with me:)




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