Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Cleaning Blood- with no chemicals!

Brody has been getting a bloody nose (occasionally) at night. It's not fun when he walks into my room at 6:00 am with a face that is full of blood- it makes ya jump out of bed! Well, of course blood gets on the pillow case and I have to wash them. Since I switched to the Get Clean line from Shaklee, I don't have any laundry detergents or stain remover that have toxins in them. That's right, no Oxy Clean, no Shout. What I did was take my trusty Basic H, put a couple drops of it (full strength) directly on the stain and then I tossed in the washing machine. I have to admit, I took the before picture and thought, well, if this works, it'll make a great post, but secretly I was doubting it (bad Nicole). 

So the moment was upon me (laundry is that dramatic for me) and what did I see? NO BLOOD! Just wrinkles- don't judge, I hate laundry.

I love this stuff!!
What chore do you hate/love the most?

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