Monday, September 24, 2012

Just Another Random Monday

Happy Monday! I have been kind of MIA lately and really have no excuse why! I am trying to reorganize some of the pages on the blog and it will be getting a little face lift soon! I am also trying to organize the posts that I want to do and actually get the video series that I am going to do, up and running. I can't wait!


I have been really busy with my Shaklee business too. I love Shaklee....I love working on my couch while Brody is playing with all the blocks we own (not exaggerating....big mess). I love helping families learn how to live healthier lives. Don't you want to be on my team too? We could be BFBO (best friend business owners). Makes my heart grow....

I also love the new friends I have made, that was such a pleasant surprise. When i started my own business, i never thought i would meet so many great people and have the amazing support and motivation that comes with this team! In addition, we (Eric thinks she is awesome too) have found Dani Johnson. I listen to her daily and she keeps me motivated and energized. People say, "How do you find the time to blog, or listen to Dani?" I blog whenever I find a moment....or after the kids go to bed. Dani Johnson.....during laundry. I literally throw all my clothes on the bed, turn her on, and fold away.


This week is going to be a busy one! Delaney has school, Daylen is off for 2 weeks, I have 2 Shaklee parties, we are going to go through our stuff, again, to have a garage sale, Kaylie turns 17 tomorrow and I have our anniversary surprise to fine tune and a super fun FRIENDS night that I am planning!'s a good life people!

So yeah....this post is really of no importance or content, but to let you know that I'm here, life is happening and I am learning lots :) I hope you have a fabulous day and maybe by Wednesday, my first video will be up in all it's cheesiness! But for now....I leave you with this....


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What are you doing this week??

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