Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Supplies On Demand

My little preschooler has homework. She loves, I love it....it's just so awesome! While she was getting ready to do her homework this past weekend, yes weekend...we are talking big time work people, I was searching in a couple different places for supplies that she needed. Well, that was just not okay with me so I came up with this solution.

The Homework box


I just took a Sterilite box I had and put in some crayons, markers, a pencil box, and some writing paper. When she brings her homework home, we will put it In here so it doesn't get ruined or lost.

It's not very big, so it is easy to store.

I put some pencils, an eraser, some kid scissors and some dry erase markers for her name practice.

Delaney has been writing her name for a long time, but she does it in all capitals, which is a no no. So, I wrote her name (her middle and last name are on the back) and then laminated it so she can wipe it off after she is done practicing. Brody needed one too:)


Simple, organized and efficient.

How do you organize school supplies?

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  1. This is such a great idea! Thanks for posting!
    xoxo, Jessica

  2. I'm having a moment when I'm thinking about my granddaughter that is old enough to have 'homework'. Big...loud...sigh. I'm glad she has an organized mother who got all her mad skills from somewhere...because it sure wasn't from me :)

  3. So good to hear someone say it's bad to write their name in all capitals except for me and the teacher I work with. Why does preschool do that? All Capitals?! They won't see it that way later so why start that way and then kinder has to reteach it?


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