Thursday, September 13, 2012

Number 2

Last week, was a big week here at the Mikkelson abode. Brody finally decided that pooping in the potty was the cool thing to do! Let me tell ya, we have been praying for this. And I mean that literally. God wanted him to poop too- He gets it. I promised him that we would go miniature golfing if he pooped and what do you know- he did. Before I get to the gofing pictures, I have to show you these pictures from the zoo. We went last week when it was a littel overcast, but still so, so hot. We went with my sister and nephew for a quick outing. What I did not expect, was to see the elephant family that we have at our zoo- swimming. It was the coolest thing! We must have watched them for at least 20 minutes. The daddy elephant was playing, pushing the kids under water, spraying them with his trunk, and sneaking up on them from behind. The mommy elephant was the only one not in on the action. I like to think that she was taking a small, meditation break while the daddy kept the kids busy- or maybe she needed to pee in private. Anyway, it was so cool. So humor and love these pictures too!

This is the little guy....I love it, he's like "I'm going in, who's gonna get me?"
Here are two on the kids, dog piling the dad!
Spraying! So fun! Danielle and I really wanted to get sprayed- just so we could say. "We've been sprayed by an elephant". Don't judge- you'd want to too. Admit it:)

"Marco" "Polo" Marco" "Polo"....Fish out of water?
"Hehehehehehe....he can't hear me!"

Seriously, the coolest thing ever!

Posing in front of some big ol fish

This one is hilarious.... they both look ridiculous!

Okay, so the zoo was fun. The next day was golfing! It was so flippin windy, but it made the temperature cool way down which was lovely! Brody could hardly contain himself. He was freaking out the enitre way there- loved it! Brody had decided before we even left that he wanted to do the 'castle course', which is different from the first course we did. Needless to say, it does not take too long to golf with the kids. They hit the ball, run down the green after it, and shove it in. We were just trying to keep up! I love how excited they get. It's so fun to watch.

When did they get this big?

Here is the famous castle. They were really excited for this hole!

Loving life at this point!
I don't even know what she is doing here
Brody may be a bit ADD....
These are the freaky ducks. Well, they have never actually done anyting to me yet, but I know they are plotting an attack. You can just tell.

And there's my life. The man of my dreams that will drop everything to go golfing and celebrate poop. That, my friends, makes him a keeper.

Did you bribe your kids to poop on the potty or am I the only stellar parent;)?

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  1. Such cute pictures!! When did they get that big???? Love those faces!!! xoxo

  2. Love the pictures of the elephants! I've never seen them in the water...And who doesn't like a good poop story? Congratulations to Brody!


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