Monday, December 21, 2009

"Pinetree....coming into Pinetree"

What?! I know that is what everyone is thinking. Well, everyone, that is, EXCEPT my family. If you are a part of the Kelley Family Christmas Eve tradition, then you know what that means. For those that don't, let me explain. Christmas is the time of year that my family really shines. My mom can decorate a house like nobody's business (I am not even exactly sure what that phrase means, but it felt right). We have traditions that we love and when someone new is about to join the picture, these traditions, must be explained. Let me start from the beginning. Christmas Eve we always go to church. This year, we will go, but I have a feeling that my dad and Eric will not actually ATTEND the service because, you see, there is no child care, therefore Delaney will be in the big church which means they will be chasing her. Anyway, the rest of us will enjoy church. After the service, we all go to my parents house. There waiting, when we walk in the door will be a crock pot full of chili....with hot dogs in it. I am not even sure why, I know that my mom has told me, but I guess I chose not to listen forgot. The hot dogs are there no matter what. After dinner we  mom clears the table and does the dishes while the rest of us get comfy in the living room. We are starting a new tradition this year- Santa will have left new jammies for Delaney and Brody at Nana's house, while we were at church, for them to get cozy in! And then it's time. Every year, we all sit down and watch White Christmas.

Yes, that White Christmas.
The old one with Bing Crosby and Danny Kaye. We have rules though.... #1 We are not allowed to watch it at all during the year- just Christmas Eve, #2 NO TALKING. #3 You may sing and say lines, but no other chit chat is allowed. This brings me to the line in the title. We all do our silly little parts and that is a line in the movie that my dad and I always say together. There are other things too. For example, my sister, mom and I always sing the "Sisters" song and during the song "Snow" we ALL do the hand movements. It is truly epic.

Now you see, if you decide that you have a significant other that is significant enough to include in the Kelley Family Christmas Eve Extravaganza, then you MUST prepare them for what is to come. Eric is an old pro now. The first time he experienced IT, I thought he would dump me, but nope, instead we got married. My soon-to-be brother-on-law Joe has experienced it and hasn't gone running. But you see this year, my brother, Josh, is coming home (yay:) and he is bringing Rachel :0) I hope he has warned her..... Watching someone's first time is the best.


  1. it is honestly the best family tradition anyone could ask to experience!

  2. by the way anonymous is your sister, me . . . only way I can leave a comment

  3. I love it! I also love how you listed your to do in your sidebar! Awesome idea!!

    Dont forget to link up, now that my lazy, mouse-eared-lazy butt finally got it up today! ;)

  4. *a word to the wise... do NOT tell nicole you have never seen white christmas, she will make you watch it! i did feel pretty special though, because she broke both rules by watching it with me :) love you nicole!

  5. This sounds great! This tradition is one that should continue.

  6. If the family gets any bigger, we're going to have to add on to the house just to watch the movie!! Looking forward to Brody and Rachel's first viewing experience -- though I have a feeling Brody will be snoozing through it -- and Delaney will be eating popcorn and marshmallows. :)

  7. Stopping by from MBC! I am now following you!



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