Saturday, December 26, 2009

Where Seenta Go?

I can't believe Christmas is over already. The last 4 days have been a blur. Eric and I didn't start shopping until Wednesday night. No we weren't precrastinating, we thought he was getting a Christmas bonus from work, but that didn't happen (picture the Christmas Vacation scene when Clark doesn't get a bonus) so we went out on pay day:) We had a pretty good time, but we were so tired when we got home at 11:30. The next morning (Christmas Eve) we had some more shppoing to do, but we did it separately so we didn't have to take the kids. We rushed through the day and at 3:30, we walked out the door to start the events for the evening. First on the agenda, church. No childcare that night, so I was a little nervous. We went armed with candy, popcorn, marhmallows, new crayons and a new coloring book (oh and a remote for Brody, he is obsessed). Delaney did okay... she danced when we sang, she walked back and forth from Granddaddy to Aunt Danielle (we had to keep grabbing her hand as she drug it along the back of the pew in front of us, she had some super sticky hands from a candy cane. That couldn't been a disaster for the lay's hair), but when she grabbed her booty and said, "pooping" we decided she was done.

Delaney was not so sure about her tights

After church... Brody just wants to run.

My little ones... I can NEVER got a picture of them looking.

Delaney trying to convince Aunt D to go see the water...

After church, we went to my parent's house for the annual chili. As a special Christmas surprise, as soon as we walked in the door, I noticed that Brody smelled less than favorable so I went to change him. OMG, let me tell you.... a blow out, is an understatement. This child pooped his guts out- all the way up his adorable new Christmas onesie and all over his socks! Just thought I would share:)  ANYWAY...This year Joe made his very yummy enchiladas as well- WAY GOOD FOOD. We ate and ate and then decided to show the little kids what Santa dropped off. We told Delaney that Santa came while we were at church and left them Christmas jammies. She was SO excited. We changed their clothes and then they each got to open one present. Brody got a remote, because Brody loves remotes and Delaney got this hysterical dog. This thing is so funny. It rolls all over the place while laughing hysterically. It is way annoying, but impossible not to laugh with. After the presents, it was time for White Christmas. Brody slept and Delaney was up and down eating cookies and jumping on Joe. Doesn't matter, we got through it and then it was time to go home.

Brody and his remote

All cozy in their jammies

Chasing the crazy dog!

The kids went right to sleep and Eric and I had to wrap the presents and clean a little before the next day. I think we finished and went to bed at like 2:30am or so. The next morning Delaney slept in and Eric let me sleep while he played with Brody in the playroom. Eric made a fire and he went to get Delaney. I had been waiting for this moment for a while and she delivered. She walked out and saw her new kitchen and baby doll and said, "Oh wow! Mommy wook!" I told her Santa had left her a kitchen at our house while she was sleeping. Now she calls her kitchen, Seenta's house. She was so excited... it was truly priceless. Brody loved his new toy too and Delaney made sure that he saw it and showed him how to play with it. We opened presents and she was equally excited for each one. My family came over and the kids started all over again. And then the big kids came over. We got them each an i-pod touch. We got them considerably less this year and I told them how bad we felt about it. When Kaylie opened hers, she was genuinely excited and when Daylen opened his he said, "Smaller? Whatever, this is all I needed." Ummm... yeah...tear. I was so proud to be their step-mom. Eric's mom and step-dad came over and gave them even more gifts. We ended the day at my parents house where we got to see my grandparents and hang out with the family. It was a good day. I can't help but think about next year when I have 2 little ones running all over the house getting excited about Santa.

Eric making a fire, Sandy farting on the carpet

Delaney and Seenta's house (or her kitchen:)

Brody's basketball hoop

Brody got a lot of cars... here is a truck family that he got. I love it!

Attacking Granddaddy

Brody playing with Rachel (we loved having her here:)

Christmas is so exhausting......

Before Delaney went to sleep she said,  "Seenta come to Nene's house again?" I told her that he is sleeping and he would come next year... she said okay and went to sleep holding on to a new baby. When she woke up this morning, she couldn't believe "Seentas house" was still here. She was excited all over again. Too cute.


  1. Way too cute. Good thing for the jammies so you had something to change Brody into. Glad you had a great Christmas. Need to find you at some point since James has something for you.

  2. I love that last picture! Christmas is fun, but exhausting:)
    Thanks again for coming in today. I'm sorry we didn't have more babies to take care of! Take care and have a happy New Year!

  3. You have to tell me where you found that remote. Colton would love it!

  4. It's fun to be with the family on times like this!
    Awesome! Wonderful shot! :)

    Hope you're having the best holidays this year! :)


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