Thursday, March 4, 2010

Where Did My Baby Go?

This is one of our apple trees in the backyard

I love Spring!!! It could not be more beauiful in Tucson right now. I love that it is still cold at night and shorts weather during the day. I love that the bunnies are out in full force and the baby quail are starting to flood our bay window. I do not love that bathing suit weather is around the corner. I love that I can let Delaney outside and she won't burn herself on her tricycle. I have been thinking lately about how nice it will be when I can let Brody just wander outside with Delaney and not have to hold him or walk with him.Well, that day randomly happened today.

And he's off......

I put him down and watched as he drunkenly stumbled from one end of the porch to the other. My mouth was wide open the whole time... so was his. I could't believe it! I was so excited and so sad all the the same moment. That feeling is a wierd one. I have been experiencing that a lot lately. I was so excited that my little man was so independent and strong that he was walking on his own, plus the proud look on his face was priceless. But I was also sad. I got teary eyed as I realized that I will never have another baby take his first steps again. This was it...this was one step closer to being a toddler and not a baby. Just like that, my baby grew up. I don't know that I have 'stopped to smell the roses' like I had intended too. I don't want my kids to hurry and grow up....they can stay little forever (they just really need to sleep through the night). I am accutely aware that my life is full of blessings and that I don't acknowledge them. I need to stop dwelling on the bad (even though that has sort of taken over in my life) and I need to notice things more and be grateful for them. 


Seriously, how did she get this big?

So spring is here and my baby!


  1. Oh, they're cute, cute, cute! I love Brody's 'drunken sailor' walk - and Delaney's 'cheese' smile. They're just the cutest kids on the planet right now. But then, I may be prejudice. Just a little. Okay - a lot. (But they are.) Nana says so.

  2. I so want some fruit trees. Our back yard's that for counting your blessings ;)

  3. I so understand. I'm actually teary eyed right along with you. Jason is 15 months and been walking for 5 months now. James is 8 as of last Thursday. Jessica went to kindergarten round up on Wednesday. My babies are gone too. So we'll just have to love and hug on all the babies that will come into our lives. Hope your week is going better.

  4. Time flies... Man, I wish you hadn't said "bathing suit"-now that's all I can think of... LOL!


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