Monday, April 26, 2010

Nikon L110 8-)

I got a new camera. I have been wanting one for so long. Eric and I went to Target on Saturday night (with the kids) and while I chased them both up and down aisles, Eric read the instruction manuels for every freakin camera there. Okay, so not so much every camera, it was between two. I, being the cheap frugal person I am, wanted the cheaper one, but Eric convinced me on the more expensive one (he showed me the difference in pictures-wow). I just have to say, shopping for something significant, such as a camera, is a pain in the butt with 2 toddlers. Delaney was in the cart, but was constantly saying cheese to every camera and then saw the baby aisle and then it was all over with her. Brody, I thought, was a bit easier, but he managed to prove me wrong. He thought it was hysterical to throw all of his puffs and Mickey keys at the cameras and the poor electronics guy behind the counter. So when I told him no, he shook his head no and then started to climb out of the cart. So, I just chased them.....

Anyway, we have an awesome new camera and I don't even really know how to use it, but I took a bunch of pictures of our Sunday (and a few today). I hope to get better!!

Working on the truck with Daddy

Eric and his beautiful truck ;)

Brody, crossing the desert

In the bed of the truck....he thought this was way fun.


Trying to sneak away...

Chilling with Dad

Water table!!! They LOVE this!

Brody, eating dirt, saying doh (just like Homer Simpson)

My little biker....totally taking after Uncle Josh and Uncle Kevin!

My little mother....yelling at Brody.....


Delaney and Braydon....



  1. cute pics! glad you got a new camera :)

  2. Ooh... Nikon... You will have to tell me how you like it. We are still looking for a camera too.

  3. Great pictures! I've been on the hunt for a camera myself. The price tag just keeps getting in the way of things :) Hope you're all doing well. We need to catch up again soon! Miss you!

  4. Hooray for a new camera! I could help you learn it!!

    Addyson is always mothering Colton too.

  5. Hooray for new cameras! That is an investment that you won't regret.


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