Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Click on the link to make your own!

Yes I know it's spelled wrong...didn't fix it.


  1. Suggestions: For the pool guy - close your curtains. For the boobies - push up bra. For the butt -- push up bra will make the butt look smaller. For Brody - I got nothing. Just about anything he does makes me smile. xoxo mom

  2. Lol about the shoes in the cans. I keep the diaper genii in our bathroom (with shut door), just to avoid that whole discovery with my lil guy.

  3. That was funny! Wish I had answers for you. I am still trying to fix all that is changing with me! lol


  4. You likely made the pool guy's day!

    My boobs have shrunk, but I'm doing glue exercises to make my flat butt bigger! Who'da thought?



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