Saturday, April 30, 2011

Good times- they just keep coming!

The Pima County Fair was in town, almost two weeks ago now. I really wanted to go. Not because I love the rides (I actually am terrified of them) or even for the food (Eric on the other hand....) but because  really wanted to the kids to go and experience it. We went on a Tuesday around 4:45. Let me just tell ya, it was the BEST time to go! No lines- for anything! Plus, we didn't have to fight our way through the crowd with our stroller or listen to the kids cry while they had to wait! It was terrific! We made our way to the petting zoo. The kids loved it! I, on the other hand, was keeping my eye on some very dangerous looking chickens. I know they were plotting to peck my eyes out or something. So, I didn't let the kids pet the creepy ass chickens, but they did see pigs, goats, sheep and freakin huge llama and wallabies! I had to hold Delaney's pig tails back because the goats were looking pretty interested!

When we arrived:)

Petting a cute little piggy

A goat, with huge utters. Brody kept trying to poke them.

After the petting zoo, we went to get some tickets. Near the ticket booth was the bumble bee ride. While Eric got the tickets, the kids and I watched the ride. I knew Delaney would NOT want to go on the ride, so I was safe in showing her how high it went (more on that in a minute). We went over to the choo-choo train that Delaney loved last year and noticed the "you must be 36 inches to ride this ride" sign, so we lifted Brody man out of the stroller and stood him up against the sign (banging his head against it in fact, whoops) and sure enough. He is 36 inches tall!!! Anyway, we rode the ride with the kids and then Delaney said, "I want to ride the bumble bees!" What in the crap?? I was shocked and way nervous. We headed back over to the freaking bees and we went on them! Eric rode with Brody and I rode with Delaney. Let me tell ya, if you are afraid of heights, don't go on a ride that is FLYING insect. We were so high! Delaney kept telling me that it was okay....

On the bees.

After that we went back to the kid area and the kids went on the airplane ride- BY THEMSELVES. I could not believe it! When did my kids get so big?

On the Carousel

This was on a helicopter. Delaney broke the steering wheel off and was sad she couldn't drive.
Only Delaney. So Eric quickly moved them into an airplane

After a few rides, we went to find some food. Eric and I had sonoran dogs and we got the kids a $10 plate of Piggly Wiggly fries and a foot long to share. It was so nice, we sat in the ramada near the stage, the kids could run around and dance and we could enjoy it!

Big ol' plate of fries


The kids went on a few more rides and then it was time for ice cream and fried cheesecake!

That there's some fried cheesecake!

Riding the choo choo by themselves

Making the mad face because the ride is over:(

We left the fair with two screaming kids, no stupid souvenirs, and wonderful memories!!


  1. LOVE it! We went on a Saturday...the first week it was open actually. But we got there just before 5pm, and it wasn't very busy at all. No lines for any kid rides...and mine rode all the rides together. I thought the same thing, "when the hell did they get so big?" I have ZERO photos from it :(

  2. When DID they get so big?? Looks like it was so fun...maybe next year we'll brave it with you...
    xoxo Mom


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