Tuesday, November 15, 2011

4 going on 16....

Anyone that had met my kids, know that they are not shy. They talk to anyone and everyone. Walking thorough Costco sometimes feels like we are in a parade because Delaney and Brody both say hello and wave to everyone they see. I am so happy that is their personality. I would hate for them to clam up anytime someone talks to them. Now don't get me wrong, Brody is a funny, funny little man, but Delaney has us belly laughing daily. Some of the things that come out of her mouth have us scratching our heads trying to figure out how she came up with it. Examples? Oh I am so glad you asked.

Lately looking through the Target toy catalog has been her fav past time. There is a battery operated car that she wants that is $149.00. I told her that is too much money and she would need to find something else that she loves. So, today we went to my parent's house so they could assess the tooth situation with Brody (another post) and this is how the conversation went:

Delaney:  "Granddaddy, I want this car that we can ride in that has two seats and a steering wheel but Mommy says it's too much money. Can you give her some money so she can go and buy it right now please?"

Seriously- how does she know to hit up Granddaddy already?

Later in the afternoon, she was still on this car thing. Eric was home and she was begging, like for real, begging for this thing. Here is the rest of the story:

Delaney: "Mommy, can we puleeeeezzzzzz go get this car?"
Me: "No. It costs too much money and you don't need it.
Delaney: "Maybe Santa will bring it to me. I want to tell Santa"
Me: "Well Santa will not be at the mall to meet the kids for a little while still."
Delaney: "Okay, well how bout Daddy puts on Santa clothes and you be Mrs Claus and I will sit on Daddy's lap cuz I am getting really tired of waiting for Santa at the North Pole"

AFTER a lot of laughing......

Delaney: "Well, maybe I can just build one. The workers can help me and I will do it all by myself. I will draw a smiley face on it with a pencil all by myself. Daddy, will you do it cuz Mommy won't let me have a pencil."

Like I predicted, Delaney wears her Rapunzel dress daily. It is already starting to tear. Kinda pisses me off, but oh well, what am I gonna do? Sew it? lol Anyways, she was jumping on the couch, which she knows she is not allowed to do and I tell her to stop.........

Me: "Delaney, seriously, knock it off or you will sit in time out"
Delaney: "Delaney's not here Rapunzel is."
Me: "Fine. Rapunzel STOP it now or you will go to time out"
Delaney: "Well. princesses don't go to time out and I don't remember seeing her go to time out on the TV."
Me: "Well, Rapunzel, Mother says stop it now or....'
Delaney: "You'll cut my hair? Not nice Mother. I am going back to Delaney."

And that folks, is just today. She is witty and smart and we are screwed.

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  1. She is the smartest kid I know!! I hate to say it, but she has some valid points. :)


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