Monday, July 16, 2012

Stage Fright and Cool Cars

Happy Monday! We've had a couple of busy days around here! Friday was the kids last day of Vacation Bible School! They had so much fun! Friday night they have the kids sing the songs they learned all week. Brody really had no idea what he was getting into. I kept asking him if he was excited and he was confidently saying yes! During the week, they would practice on the big stage, but no one was in there obviously. Different story on Friday night! The auditorium was jam packed and when they called his group, The Helium Blimps, I took him up to the stage, kinda pushed him up there, and quickly went back to my seat without looking back. The music started and his bottom lip immediately came out. He did hold it together and did not cry, but he was adamantly looking for us, through teary eyes, no doubt. He stayed up on stage the whole time, but did not sing a note. The camera guys kept putting his sweet little face on the big screen- so adorable! 

Still happy...

The. Whole. Time.

Miss Delaney, on the other hand, ran on stage when they called her group, The White Clouds. She  waved to us throughout her entire performance. Once it was her turn to be center stage, she rocked it. She decided that she had given us enough love and it was time to shine. 

After the performance, it was time to play! The kids went on all the inflatables, had some sno-cones and hung out with friends. Now the question is....will I be able to get Brody on stage next year? Hmmm.....

Last week a new restaurant opened near us- this is exciting, y'all. We don't have too many places to eat near us and this particular restaurant includes cars and motor cycles, so you know we there! It's called Hot rods and is pretty cool. Unfortunately, all of Tucson came out to opening night and we could not even get into the actual restaurant, so we meandered around the car show for a bit. {Side note: we did go back a couple days later for lunch: super cool atmosphere and great food}. Danielle and baby Griffin joined us for the festivities and I am pretty sure the smell of exhaust, exhausted little man. 

Delaney and Griffin

Loves looking at cars and trucks with his daddy

Checking out the M&M Nascar inside the lobby!

Delaney was very impressed with the huge Miller Lite.

So there ya...some random pictures of the fam! My menu will be up tomorrow:)

Have a great day!


  1. Our family hasn't made it out to Hot Rods yet. How was the food? What were the prices like? Is it a good environment for kids?

    We're excited to see the development in our area. I'm hoping for a library next! ;)

    1. It is great for kids....however they are still working out a ton of issues. Apparently they ran out of food and had to close for a few days! And the wait times are still a little out of control!
      The kid meals were good, and they get a little care which made the wait easier. The kids meals were $5 each. The burgers were $10 each- not cheap, but not too bad:)
      I would love a library and a Trader Joe's!!


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